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  • I am also able to withdraw my profit smoothly.
  • The trading software is updated with so many helpful and great features.
  • Outstanding broker signals and good trading software.
  • If you’re really looking for a way to build your wealth through investing, take a look at ourrecommended brokers.

I wish they have a simpler tool, cause what they have is a bit complicated. I had a good trading experience though. I opted to keep this broker service first because signals are profitable and second because services are really good. I have so many trading options and is so far satisfied with my profit.

Just be aware that you will have to also go through the KYC procedure of proving that you are who you say you are. But as mentioned in our Demaxis review, KYC’s ultimate purpose is to ensure your safety while trading, so this is a necessary step in the sign up process. Everything here is smooth and easy. Brokers are kind to me. I am so far, getting good results.

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This is a broker company with a good service, if there are concerns, they always resolved them quickly. I get desirable profit and I am overall satisfied with the services. My broker since last year. Well, I had a good trading experience. They have so many trading instruments to choose from. Price is fair enough and so are the terms.

LimeFX is an all-around brokerage that serves a broad array of customers. That means it had to find a balance between budget and luxury users. In other words, that means the broker must find a way to reward loyal customers without disbalancing its service.

Trading Platform

The trading app is easy to download, I can even trade on the go. The trading software is updated with so many helpful and great features. Brokers and customer service are also very good in providing services. Impressive customer service and broker signals. I am gaining an average of 8 to 10 percent profit and withdrawal is very fast. When it comes to forex trading, this is a highly skilled broker service.

Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. This company does not appear to be regulated by any government authority at this time. The fraudsters are mostly based in economically weak countries where corruption and money laundering are easy.

I was offered with so many trading instruments to chose from. I find the pricing fair and I am getting good profit out of the offers. A bit challenging to trade forex but I made it through their help.

They do not hide anything and explain things clearly, too. They have helped me by giving me such great opportunities to make money. Services are outstanding.

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However, there are numerous other benefits, such as excellent asset pricing with minimal fees. The execution is also quick and straightforward, meaning you can make split-second trades. LimeFX has a significant advantage over competitors due to its strive to innovate and improve. It includes the latest tech solutions into its service, leading to improved features for potential customers. One of the most noticeable features is its quick execution, which minimizes the chances of human error.

There are many ways to make money. I started gaining good income and has greatly limefx official site help me attain financial freedom. Definitely, a good broker to trade with.

Satisfactory broker services and signals. Highly recommended brokers for online trading. Very good trading experience. I am so much thankful to this broker service for helping me gain good profit. The broker has 24/5 support, which is what most traders are used to.

  • Withdrawals are always fast.
  • Smooth deposit and withdrawal process.
  • The fee structure differs among various account types, and it is not very transparent in order to calculate costs easily.
  • They are so accomodating and they attend to trading concerns promptly.
  • Instead, what you have here is a simple yet fiercely efficient platform that offers you plenty of useful tools; all of which you can use to your advantage.

If they refuse or remain vague, it’s probably a scam. Making theLimeFXreview is actually a pleasure for us, and we hope to save as many people as possible from losing their hard-earned money. A good rule of thumb is to carefully review all the LimeFXpanies and any other company for that matter before you perform any transaction. We hope that ourLimeFXreview has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or you need advice about the withdrawing process,feel free to contact us at

Our reviews are a combination of data research and working alongside the brokers. All information provided by the brokers are double-checked to guarantee 100% accuracy and that we remain unbiased. The broker offers CFD trading in more than 10,000+ assets, with more being added constantly. Global markets are more accessible than one might think.

Same day trading when you open a new LimeFX account

Overall, LimeFX is a legitimate online broker that is worth trading with. Get access to more instruments and bigger assets with up to 10.00 lot orders starting with 2,500 USD. LimeFX has relatively high trading fees overall. The fee structure differs among various account types, and it is not very transparent in order to calculate costs easily. LimeFX can offer its services to everyone, except residents of the U.S. Keep in mind that, You are responsible for ensuring that all services and activities of are authorized in your jurisdiction.

LimeFX broker reviews

If you have any questions regarding our broker reviews, leave us your email information and we will get back to you. A bit expensive to trade with but all worth it. I am continuously gaining good profit. Excellent in all services. I have no regret choosing this broker, they are really very good. The best place to trade currencies.

In worse cases, they may even show charts from demo trading accounts that aren’t even a reflection of real trading. Do not base your decision to work with someone or purchase a product based on this or any other limited information. Ask for background information and full disclosure of the profits and losses.

Depending on the type of account you have, there will be some minimum payment amounts. We saw similar examples of this in our Finaguide review and, as a beginner on the Starter account, your minimum payment is $250 USD to start using the platform. Whereas, with the Basic account this goes up to $2,500 USD, limefx company reviews but there are no commissions whatsoever on any payments. If you’re really looking for a way to build your wealth through investing, take a look at ourrecommended brokers. We know what details you need to look out for. Investing money is a smart thing to do, but only if you rely on trustworthy companies.

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